Perfect Fitting Custom JeansYour perfect pair of Jeans is waiting for you!Luxurious Affordable Made to Order Jeans
You can have it all. Fashion forward design. Premium denim. Custom tailoring. The perfect pair of jeans.
Alizina provides stylish and affordable custom designer jeans for women. We create fabulous made to order jeans – using your design choices. Whether you prefer curve hugging or relaxed fit, all American or contemporary cut, we have the jeans that will let your personality shine through. Just think, a pair of jeans designed specifically with your measurements in mind. A pair of jeans that is as unique as you are. What could be better?
Our expert tailors can create a pair of jeans that you’ll live in. Imagine giving up the frustrating search for an ideal fitting pair of jeans. Imagine never having to go through another dressing room battle, or having to wear the same jeans day- after-day. Alizina’s expert tailors cater to your body shape and size, so each pair of jeans created is an original. Just like you.
Even if you already own a pair of jeans that you absolutely love, Alizina can help you re-create them. Now, instead of going out with your girlfriends in the same pair of jeans time after time, you will have options to choose from. And what’s worse - what if your favorite jeans begin to fade, get a hole in them or start wearing thin? Perfect jeans are an indispensable part of any closet and now you don’t have to be without them!
If you are like the millions of women out there who are obsessed with finding the perfect look and feel in a pair of custom designer jeans, then this is where you should start. We guide you step-by-step as you choose the leg, the rise and the fit of your ideal jeans. Our team stays up to date on the “who’s wearing what”
and the “what’s hot this season” to bring you the best styles in the denim industry. Some of our current selections include the trendy boyfriend jean, the curvalicious skinny jean and the always-in-demand boot cut jean. (To find out tips on how to choose the perfect pair of custom designer jeans for your body type, visit our Jeans 101 section.)
Because each woman’s body is shaped differently, Alizina provides a descriptive “How to measure” guide that ensures ideal tailoring for your new pair of custom jeans. We take pride in providing each customer with supreme style supported by impeccable construction, to deliver jeans that fit in all the right places. And if you are recreating the “it” jeans that you already own, we have a “How to copy” measuring guide for you too.
Whether you are here to create an amazing pair of jeans tailored to fit your body, or you simply want to copy a wardrobe staple that you already own, Alizina provides an easy process from start to finish.
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